Arranging a funeral for a family member who has just died is an immense responsibility. If you don't believe that, ask someone who has just gone through the process. It is an emotionally, mentally and often physically draining experience. More often than not, we find families questioning each other during funeral arrangements as to what their family member may have wanted as far as the funeral ceremony. The most common answer we hear is "They would never talk about it". This is a very difficult time for many people to make such major decisions. Pre arranging your funeral will help eliminate these difficult decisions for your family.

Pre arranging a funeral should start in your home. Let your family know your thoughts and wishes and discuss them openly. Talking about your funeral now allows you to make well thought out plans that everyone is comfortable with.

Most people have already given thought to a choice of a funeral home. It would be wise to contact them next. You will want to set up an appointment to meet with your funeral director. Again, this should be done as a family. The funeral home will record your statistical information, biographical information and record your preferences for your funeral. It is important to note that changes can be made at any time. Your funeral director will help you sort through the details of benefits that may be available through Social Security, Veteran's Administration and other Governmental agencies. The funeral director will also give you an itemized cost of the services and merchandise you have selected.

Though you do not have to pay for the services and merchandise when you pre arrange, it is often a wise financial decision. It is important you discuss the options of pre payment with your funeral director as each family and each situation is different.

We take the time to plan for every aspect of our life. We plan for our careers, family and retirement. Planning your funeral now is a decision your family will appreciate later.

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Pre-Planning Options

Many people plan for life events such as weddings and vacations well in advance, but many people do not plan for something that is certain to happen, their funeral.  While most people do not want to think about their own mortality, the time to pre-plan your funeral is now.  The primary advantages of pre-arranging your funeral is to relieve the burden on your loved ones in an already emotional time, and to ensure your funeral is carried out according to your wishes, eliminating the task of second-guessing what you would have wanted.  Taking the time now to arrange your funeral is one less thing your loved ones will need to worry about once you’ve passed. Pre-planning and pre-paying your funeral is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to your family.

Pre-Payment Options

Pre-paying your funeral reduces stress and financial burden on your loved ones after your passing.  We can co-ordinate a payment plans that suits your needs, from a single payment plan to monthly bank account withdrawals.  By pre-paying your funeral you eliminate your family second guessing on if they have spent too much or too little on your funeral.  Pre-payment also protects you and your family from inflation, and the growth is non-taxable.  Depending on your region, if your funeral costs less than the amount you have put aside, those funds will be refunded back to your beneficiaries.  For more information on what is applicable in your region, simply speak to your funeral director.  Each year thousands of people decide to pre-plan and pre-pay their funeral, these plans are designed to be flexible and can accommodate the many changes that often occur in people’s lives.

What you can do in advance…

  • Decide on Burial or Cremation and your casket or urn type.
  • Pick what type of service you want (religious, military, non-traditional)
  • Choose which funeral home to use.
  • Designate your pallbearers, pick any music or readings you want at your service.

Benefits of Pre-Planning

  • Between 70 and 75 decisions are made within the first 24-48 hours of death.  It’s difficult to think rationally while making so many decisions within days of losing someone, pre-planning gives yourself, family and friends peace of mind.  Pre-planning gives your loved ones direction of your wants and desires.
  • It’s easy. Anyone can do it, and you can change your mind at any time.